Ryan Thurlwell


TypeForce 2010

In 2010, I was invited to participate in a typographic art show called Typeforce / The Annual Chicago Show of Emerging Typographic Allstars. These are a few pieces I submitted. The show was also commemorated ...

Dan & Keila’s Wedding

My friend Dan was getting married to the lovely Keila and asked me to design his Save-the-Date, Invitation, RSVP and Coasters. I was thrilled. He had a pretty clear idea for what he wanted and, ...

Event Graphic for Protection 1

The fine folks over at Z Graphics asked me to make a 15-foot typographic illustration of the Protection 1 logo. After a long series of copies, pastes and font changes, what developed was a really ...

Font Family

While interning at thirst, Rick Valicenti asked me to produce a cubist alphabet for a Playground Project he was working on. Later I was invited to submit the final product, which I named Color Therapy, ...

Everything Goes with Green

Post-it Note Typeface

Inevitably, post-it notes accumulate on my desk. Once those corners start bending, it seems like letters are revealed, providing inspiration for this alphabet. Also, I may or may not have been listening to Radiohead while ...

Erin & Joseph

A friend of a friend asked me to put this abstract piece together. It commemorates a couple’s engagement and hangs in the groom-to-be’s new office. Ball point pen and graphite.


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